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“Dwa głosy”("Two voices") is album of STYL I STYKA.

Gober and Dj Gondek produced there most of beats. When Gober wrote and recorded most lyrics,  Dj Gondek added his fenomenal scratches.

The atmosphere of the cd is classic with strong street accent.


Lads invited this time many of great guests, not only from Poland and you can hear there such artists like: Agu, Melny, Mc Rungus, Złote Twarze, Dj Feel-X (Kaliber 44), Rob Kelly, Terawrizt (Class A’z) , Poszwix (Fabuła), Pesto, Solid, Kisiel HPH, Szpaq, Młody SMF, King, Konsky, T-BCH Wrocław, Angelos or Bakuzs !


The content and sound of the songs closely relate to the book "Trzy sumienia" ("Three conscience") written by Gober.

Gober & Dj Gondek "2XG"

The premiere of album "2XG" took place 15 March 2012.
Style of the songs are with high influence of Grime. Fast flow, dynamic beats, and not typical, energic scratch - this is how we can shortly describe it. Most of the tracks produced Gober i Dj Gondek. You can hear there wonderful guests like Agu, Bas Tajpan, Mc Rungus, Konsky or Nori Quest. You're most welcome to listen and download this album!

Ostatni Bastion "Puszka Pandory"
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