Arkadiusz Breza

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He is an artist born in Lębork, a singer whose songs oscillate in the broadly understood trend of the author's song.

A very talented musician - guitarist, producer! Plus a singer and songwriter!

The late 1980s can be considered an artistic start and musical inspiration.


Polish rapper who makes his music about two decades now.

Hi started this adventure with his band

Styl i styka. He is very active as an artist.

Realised many mixtapes, featurings and also two long play

albums - "Blatna Muzyka" and "Płyta życia".

Many of his original videoclips have been released on

YouTube and have good recognition in hip-hop environment in Poland.

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Dj and music promoter from Galway in Ireland who mainly plays trance and house music. He started his adventure with music in his hometown Gniezno. 

He plays on piano instruments from his childhood.

Organised and played many parties in Ireland and Poland.

Active on live streams. 

One of the Galway djs at


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Oddział LBK

Rapper and movie maker. In the game from 2002 and he started his adventure with music in Lebork city in Poland. One of creaters of one of the the first hip-hop formations in Lebork  - Oddzial LBK. He was the member of Grasmofonia and they released the album "Świadomość". He was guest on few albums of STYL I STYKA and Gober. Also cooperated with music procer Mlody Szpaku. Performed and guided on few freestyle battles and graffity jams.

Member of the movie producing team Eyezone Studio.