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Jaros is Polish guitarist, composer and musician. His passion for music continues for many years.
It's still his big hobby but he has taken it more seriously in recent years,
when he built his home recording studio.
He creates his solo arrangements but also cooperates with other artists.
He has released several music videos and one of them "Nostalgia" was presented live in Town Hall Theatre in Galway - Ireland, which was met with great acclaim.
He composed music and recited to one poem by the great Polish poet Julian Tuwim “You all kiss my ass”
Jaros is working on new projects that we will soon have the opportunity to hear.


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Młody SMF is rapper from Lebork city in Poland. He creates music from early years of this century. Released few albums and mixtapes.  Cooperated with many musicians such as Małolat, Szpaku, Melny, Tu Gober, Dj Gondek, Złote Twarze, STYL I STYKA. He started his adventure with music in  hip-hop band Symfonizacja. After that he began to record solo albums and first one of them was "Czas na mnie" and another one ""Na biegu projekt". He also created two albums as a duo with two other artists. First one with Melny "Kilka prostych myśli" and second one with Łysy "Indywiduum". He also published a book "How I have wasted my teenage years". Młody has very unique voice and style, he is doing well on classic beats, but also at unusual paces. The song "Nad ranem" with its guest refrain, recorded with Małolat and Szpaku, enjoys considerable recognition.You can find and check his music on his YouTube channel linked above. Enjoy!

Przemysław Golden Adach


Przemysław Golden Adach - Creator of various music, creatively active since 2003. For over a decade, he has produced music to many famous songs both on the local and national scene, cooperating with top musicians and rappers. Permanently associated with the production duo Złote Twarze which he co-founded. As part of his music-related activities, he was a juror at numerous competitions for producers and he conducted music production workshops for both adults and children, he is a laureate of many music production competitions as well as a distinction of the cultural city of Lublin "Żurawie" in the "Sound" category. He supports the Independent Live Act project which focuses on recording performances of producers and DJs from all over the country. Currently, he creates widely understood electronic music on the border of trip-hop, chillout or electro-soul, which he transforms with a team of talented musical friends into very vivid instruments and a loud live-band. In 2022 he released new album "Kronos", where cooperated with few Polish music stars such as Bisz, Natalia Grosik or Novika. 

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Bursting Wonderland


Based out of Galway (Ireland), international rock duo project Bursting Wonderland rose from Ania Chmielewska and Mimmo Ripa fusion of ideas and music personalities.  

She was born and raised in Poland. Since teenager was singing here and there for years, yet nothing ever brought her to studio, even though bands and projects she was involved with had strong desire for recording their works. After she moved to Ireland and met Mimmo in person (they had already ongoing friendship relation through social media previous to that), Anna was even more motivated to start a band.

Mimmo however was already an experienced musician. Born and raised in Italy, living in Ireland for a decade at that time, had recorded many albums with various formations and bands in the past and in both countries, currently was working on promoting his first solo album with "Aboutmeemo". At first he was reluctant and didn't want to get involved into new project, especially with lack of serious musicians. He wanted to challenge himself in being an artistic producer of the whole project, rather than be responsible for songwriting. 

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Nowhereman is music producer and songwriter, who invited Mari (Marika Janowska), and Markus Pietras to his projects. The effect of their cooperation are singles C-Zone, Idealność, Mario, Bez Lęku Cienia and Coś Pesymistycznego, which announce a series of publications published every 4 weeks on streaming services and in the form of music videos on YouTube. 

The music and sound of the band are strongly inspired by the 80's.

Arkadiusz Breza

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He is an artist born in Lębork, a singer whose songs oscillate in the broadly understood trend of the author's song.

A very talented musician - guitarist, producer! Plus a singer and songwriter!

The late 1980s can be considered an artistic start and musical inspiration.


Polish rapper who makes his music about two decades now.

Hi started this adventure with his band

Styl i styka. He is very active as an artist.

Realised many mixtapes, featurings and also two long play

albums - "Blatna Muzyka" and "Płyta życia".

Many of his original videoclips have been released on

YouTube and have good recognition in hip-hop environment in Poland.

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Dj and music promoter from Galway in Ireland who mainly plays trance and house music. He started his adventure with music in his hometown Gniezno. 

He plays on piano instruments from his childhood.

Organised and played many parties in Ireland and Poland.

Active on live streams. 

One of the Galway djs at



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Rapper and movie maker. In the game from 2002 and he started his adventure with

music in Lebork city in Poland. One of creaters of one of the the first hip-hop formations

in Lebork  - Oddzial LBK. He was the member of Grasmofonia and they released

the album "Świadomość". He was guest on few albums of STYL I STYKA and Gober.

Also cooperated with music procer Mlody Szpaku. Performed and guided on few

freestyle battles and graffity jams.

Member of the movie producing team Eyezone Studio.

Oddział LBK
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