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Marble Surface

Drawing / Painting

Tosia  M.

For as long as she remember she has loved to draw and admire art in various forms: music, cinema and nature. However, she started to take drawing seriously only for 2 years and still works passionately on her development in this direction. In her works she uses various drawing techniques: with crayons, black pen, watercolor, and also urban sketching. She eagerly reach motifs from her favorite movies. She likes to be inspired by nature and takes animals as the objects of her works. She develops the technique of hyperrealism and photorealism, drawing objects with crayons, so that they are as realistic and detailed as possible. However, as part of a break from realism, she often uses fairy-tale motifs and the Moomin-land created by Tove Jansson, because she really like her works and the characters she created in it.

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Patryk Łukaszuk


Patryk Łukaszuk ,, Paka Art Studio "- Artist with 20 years of experience in artistic work. He paints the pictures immediately, transferring them from looking to a photo held in his hand. He perfectly uses the sense of spatial vision by transferring your visions on large-scale formats without the use of self-help grids or projectors. His artistic output includes several thousand works made on surfaces of various sizes. His works can be found not only in various parts of Poland, but also abroad, e.g. in Italian Florence. The artist also often uses his artistry to help others and has many charity actions, which he supports every year in various parts of Poland. The company that runs also deals with the provision of workshops and improvement of painting skills for the youngest.



Nurek is Polish drawer who draw from age of 9. He mostly use fineliners, felt-tip pens, ink or pencil for his works. He likes to draw black and white pictures the most. He is big fan of comic books which are a great inspiration for him.
The works below were created for fragments of the book `Lobuzy'' of founder- Tu Gober.


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