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Polish Hip Hop music band created at early years of this century. It associates such an artists like Gober, Melny, Dj Gondek and occasional singer on their albums - Agu. They created many LP and EP albums, viedeoclips, tracks. played concerts and feautured with many of mainstream rappers of Poland, Ireland, UK.



Rapper, producer, writer, filmmaker.

Comes from the crews STYL I STYKA, 2XG. He is in the game from 90's and is still very active as an artist. Last year he relised his solo album "START" and hes new book "Łobuzy". He also make his videoblog "Tak to wyglada" (It's how it looks) what you can find on YouTube.



Polish rapper who makes his music two decades. Hi started this adventure with STYL I STYKA crew. He is very active as an artist and made many mixtapes, featurings and also two long play albums - "Blatna Muzyka" and "Plyta zycia". Many of his original videoclips have been released on YouTube and have good recognition in hip-hop environment.



Dj and producer from Poland. His cuts and scratches can be found on many legendary albums. He took his first steps with the STYL I STYKA squad when he lived in Ireland. He has developed his own unique style and you can easily recognize his scratches, in which he doesn't avoid using non-standard sounds and samples. After few albums with STYL I STYKA and 2XG, he also made one with Golden Faces and his solo "Tribute Mixtape Vol 1".

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